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Port Drayage

Port Drayage

As a premier carrier within the Port of Virginia, Century Express Virginia is experienced in moving a wide variety of cargo through Virginia’s Marine Terminals. Our extensive network of relationships with terminal personnel, depot operators, on-site labor and ocean carriers are leveraged daily to ensure that schedules are achieved, and promises are kept to our customers.

Reefer Drayage

Century Express Virginia dispatchers manage hundreds of refrigerated container shipments through the Port of Virginia each year. Our extensive knowledge of reefer requirements enables us to serve your needs. Century Express Virginia offers refrigerated container storage while providing reefer monitoring services, electrical services, and genset refueling. We always look for ways to safeguard your shipments whether storing for early return date delays or to avoid port demurrage.

Refrigerated Transportation
Rail Drayage

Rail Drayage

Excellent rail connections, good transit times and well-run rail ramp operations grace Hampton Roads. Our staff has a solid background in North American Intermodal Transportation. Century Express Virginia has financial bonds in place with the railroads to interchange and utilize rail owned equipment. Furthermore, as a UIIA member, we interchange containers with all ocean carriers and chassis providers to service our IMC and 3PL customers.

Hazmat Drayage

Businesses across the US shipping hazardous products will need a reliable logistics service provider with a valid license to transport them. These materials can be dangerous to humans and the environment, therefore require special handling. Century Express Virginia is proud to supply hazmat drayage to fulfill this need. We have been serving global customers over the Port of Virginia since 2007, guaranteeing our complete understanding of the relevant regulations, and ensuring the safe delivery of your goods.

Hazmat Transportation


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