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Rail Drayage

Rail Drayage

Excellent rail connections, good transit times and well-run rail ramp operations grace Hampton Roads.  Our staff has a solid background in North American intermodal transportation.  Century Express Virginia has financial bonds in place with the railroads to interchange and utilize rail owned equipment. Furthermore, as a UIIA member, we interchange containers with all ocean carriers and chassis providers to service our IMC and 3PL customers.

Ready to get your cargo moving from the Port Of Virginia?

We have trucks fully equipped and ready to haul your intermodal container from the port to your customer or transload facility, allowing you access to your cargo as quickly as needed

Rail drayage is the transport of goods and materials by rail. Whether domestic or international, rail transportation offers a reliable and cost-effective way to move items from point A to point B safely, making it among the best options for long-distance container movements.

The US rail network is widely considered the largest and safest system in the world, it covers almost 140,000 miles and transports an estimated 1.6 billion tons of cargo annually. From the food we eat to the cars we drive, there is a good chance the things we use on a daily basis were shipped by train.

An estimated 30 million shipping containers move in and out of the United States on an annual basis, with 13.7 million intermodal shipments traveling on the US rail network.

Overall, rail drayage is often the most cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses looking for a supply chain solution. Century Express Virginia is here to assist you in the movement of your container to and from the rail yard.